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Critical Incidents Reporting

Critical Incidents Reporting

Critical Incidents Reporting

The critical incidents method of performance appraisal is built around a list of specific behaviors, generally known as critical behaviors, that are deemed necessary to perform a particular job competently. Managers, the HR department, or outside consultants can draw up the list.

Performance evaluators use a critical incident report to record actual incidents of behavior that illustrate when employees either carried out or didn't carry out these behaviors. You can use these logs to document a wide variety of job behaviors, such as interpersonal skills, initiative, and leadership ability.


  • Records employee performance as it happens
  • Always links employee behavior to job performance
  • Provides documented record of behaviors over time 
  • Identifies the most important dimensions of a job 
  • Offers more insight into job descriptions and core competencies


  • Requires disciplined and regular attention
  • Can often compromise objectivity of recorded incidents because of the evaluator's emotional state when the incident is recorded
  • Depends on a clear definition of critical behaviors
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