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Essay Appraisals

Essay Appraisals

Essay appraisals

Though less popular than it was a few years ago, the essay approach still has merit. It can be quite useful for a supervisor to periodically compose statements that describe an employee's performance during the appraisal period. The statements are usually written on standard forms, and they can be as general or as specific as you want. A supervisor may describe an employee's performance in terms of "his or her ability to relate to other work-team members." These written statements can either be forwarded to the HR department or can be used as one element in an appraisal session. Any written evaluation also needs to include more measurable evaluation tools, such as rating scales applied to specific objectives, tasks, and goals.


  • Is easy to administer 
  • Lends itself to most supervisory and professional functions
  • Forces supervisors to give serious thought to worker performance


  • Can vary in its effectiveness according to the writing skills of the evaluator
  • Can vary in length and content, making appraisals from different supervisors difficult to compare
  • Promote highly subjective perceptions
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