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Job Rating Checklist

Job Rating Checklist

Job Rating Checklist

The job rating checklist method of performance appraisal is the simplest method to use and lends itself to a variety of approaches. To implement this approach, you supply each evaluator with a prepared list of statements or questions that relate to specific aspects of job performance.

The questions typically require the evaluator to write a simple "yes" or "no" answer or to record a number (or some other notation) that indicates which statement applies to a particular employee's performance. More often than not, the responsibility for developing the list lies with the HR department.

A more sophisticated variation to this method is to establish a weighted rating system in which a number is used to reflect the relative importance of each criterion being evaluated. The weighted variation presents a clearer picture of how employee strengths and weaknesses measure up against the priorities of the job.


  • Minimizes the amount of paperwork for the evaluator
  • Can customize lists in any number of ways
  • Can purchase lists commercially


  • Unsuited to jobs with evolving or frequently changing requirements
  • Offers only a sketchy outline of job performance
  • Doesn't encourage evaluators to focus on "improvement" strategies
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